Saturday, September 19, 2009

"backpacking" 2: campsite

I grew up camping for several weeks at a time every summer. We would drive Grandpa’s fully loaded Suburban pulling a trailer full of gear (and many times another car or two) all day out to our remote family campsite…so I was eager to try camping out of just what we could carry, mind you it was 4 days, and not 4 weeks. We didn’t go out and get a lot of gear like I wanted to (well, except my new sleeping bag, I hate mummy bags but I finally found a stretchy MontBell bag I like…oops sorry, I digress) instead, we tried to use the stuff we had, but one thing we didn’t have at all was a backpacking stove, we got this slick little alcohol burning stove! Yah, you just burn denatured alcohol, or for those that know what it is, we burned HEET to boil water for our dehydrated food, morning coffee and evening hot chocolate. It was nice to have a very simple campsite…I was even a little disappointed thought that they provided not just one but two benches.

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