Sunday, September 27, 2009

birthday with 7 women

It was Sarah’s idea that I spend my birthday with 7 other women…well kinda. A Harry Potter exhibit was/is/about-to-not-be showing at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and we got a group of 8 of us together to go down to see it. The funny thing was that only these 7 ladies and I could make it, so despite the fact that I know there were guys out there that wanted to but couldn’t, I spent my birthday with a group of ladies. Anyway, the Museum was more than we could see but we pursued the Transportation wing before our Harry Potter entry time. After the exhibit we also wondered around trying to see as much as we could, which included this awesome German Sup from WWII. (I just love how it was lit, like it was actually underwater! In fact, the entire Museum was well lit, even for low light photography, amazing!) If you have seen the movie U-571, I think it was based on this U-505 German Sub that was capture.

Unfortunately the Harry Potter Exhibit didn’t allow photography, but it was still…neat… mostly a lot of costumes. A friend did photos and a video for USA Today that you could check out if you want images. After we went and had dinner in China town, great food and fun all around; and in my mind better photography opportunities. (click on the last one for a larger view and a great expression.) I think we will be doing this again sometime, we didn’t get our fill.

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steve salt said...

I woulda skipped work for Chinatown.