Friday, September 11, 2009


Sarah surprised me a couple months back by asking if I would like to go backpacking. I will be honest and say that despite my former longing to do just that, I was the most resistant to the idea. After her…persistence, we made plans to go on a 4 day “backpacking” trip. (It was not fully backpacking, more like a warm up for future endeavors.) We did not hike all day to get to our campsite nor did we relocate every evening; we basically hiked in 1.5 miles to a site, and then hiked out each day for other activities. Even so, there is something about camping out of only 2 bags that I think we really enjoyed, and I hope something we revisit and explore more of in the future. (By the way, if Sarah’s bag looks bigger that is just an illusion…well technically it is taller, but that is just because she has her stuff spread out more…right?) -more after I get back from an upcoming trip-

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