Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter light

In most of my latest nature treks, or photo walks or hikes with a camera...whatever you want to call them, I have been disappointed with the images. I have learned to like the images but they were never the shots that I was hoping for in the first place. There is one element missing from them that I regard highly in nature photos and that is great light. Most of the time that I am out walking in the snow it is overcast outside. (mostly because it is warmer when it is overcast and usually well below zero when it is sunny) Not the case on my most recent trek! I finally had great light on a day that I was able to go take photos. I had a blast!

Technical Jargon: I switched back and forth between my wide angle zoom and my telephoto zoom, these are usually what i use the most for nature. I also had my macro but didn't really use it much.

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