Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Urban Landscapes

Most of the time that I am out photographing nature I look for similar things; beautiful and interesting nature shots. I was challeneged at the most recent InterVarsity conference that I was photographing to a new way of seeing things. Taking a break from the conference for about an hour, Mike and I walked around the streets of Indianapolis to take photos. I was having a hard time at first until I realized that what I was looking for (pretty shots) was not what was here, I needed to change my thinking to see the shots that were all around me. Not that there were ugly things to take photos of but there were different scenes before my eyes. I soon learned to see beyond my normal photos and grow to take different images. It was a lot of fun and revived my energy to go back into the conference and finish out the weekend.

Technical: All images were taken with an extra wide zoom. If I had taken other lenses I might have gotten distracted by what lens to use and missed the point of taking photos. I had a lot of fun working the subject into the lens I had, it was also interesting to see what Mike got with his normal prime and compare our different ways of seeing the same subject.

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