Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Walking on Water

Living in the Midwest for the first time has a lot of interesting challenges and new things. Like a frozen lake. I have wanted to walk across this lake ever since we moved out here but never trusted myself. Today I got just that opportunity. Becky (co-worker from Texas) Finn (co-worker and house mate from Norway) and I (crazy Californian) decided to go out and take a chance, Becky and Finn really wanted to go ice fishing too but we didn't know how to go about that. As we were walking on the lake we saw a fishing hut off in the distance, all of us being from out of state (or the country) we were curious and decided to go check it out. What do we find? A fisherman that is just checking his lines and turns out has a bite! We had perfect timing! He was just pulling out a 31 inch Northerner from the lake. This thing was huge! Just then we also felt the snow coming, the beginnings of a 8-14 inch accumulation so we headed out, not before taking several pics first of course.

Tech: just carried one lens, the ultra wide zoom. loving it but could have gotten the same images with the wide zoom too. It is crazy how hard it is to take a picture that shows you on the middle of a large frozen lake.


Garrett Hubbard said...

what a cool adventure! thanks for sharing your story via pics and a words. there is something really cool about a snow/ice-laden land in photographs. like an errant nostalgia for something I really never experienced but might want to some day.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first off, those shots are amazing. Second off, Becky Cheung looks so cute.