Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pewits nest - ice

Durring the spring, I discovered Pewits Nest (see that post here) and I remember saying to myself, "Self, you need to see this place again."  This time I could walk on water, most of the way up the gorge because the stream that normally covers the bottom, was frozen solid.  (I knew it was safe because there were plenty of footprints to prove that others have tried and the ice didn't break.) Yes, that is me in the photo, not because I am vain, but I was the only human around to show scale...

Last time, the biggest draw to the goarge was the swirling water, this time it was this waterfall that was frozen all around it.  I could literally walk all around to get any camera angle I wanted.  I was, once again gity, like a little boy that couldn't believe his lick in finding the perfect mud hole to play in.

Once I got over the intrigue of the waterfall, I started noticing all the other details, shapes, light formations and the general feel of the rest of the gorge.  This is definitely a location I need to come back and see how it changes with the seasons.

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Barney said...

matt, i love reading your blog. sad you're not going to be at mesc12 this week!