Friday, March 2, 2012

camera button friday - non camera gear review

There are so many gear reviews online about photography equipment, but what about everything else?  I never really thought about what I was wearing or what other gear I needed to get to places to take photos...until on a recent shoot it dauned on me how much I rely on this other gear. 

For starters: above are my North Face Gortex running shoes.  This is actually my third pair of Gortex Shoes (all different types actually) so I guess I really like them.  It really doesn't matter what brand or style you get, that is up to you and your foot/needs.  The point is this: on a recent trek I stepped through the ice once and needed to get through a lot of mud early on.  If my feet were wet and cold the entire trip I may not have stayed out as long.

My latest great find is the above pair of gloves, they actually keep my hands warm AND allow me to use my camera.  Yes I have a great pair of big thick gloves that will keep my hands toasty in sub -20 windchill but it is a little harder to use the camera with those "oven mits."  These beauties seem to be made for photography: a thicker back of the hand for warmth, and thinner palm for dexterity on the fingers.  The greatest part is that they are made for a hobby that is more popular than cold wheather photography: cyling.  Since these area actually biking gloves, there are a lot more demand for them and I actually found these on clearence at REI.  Again, just because the Giro Blaze is what i like, that doesn't mean it works for you, go and try out what you have locally.

There are a lot of other pieces of clothing that really help you stay warm but these two have really made more of a difference than I would normally give credit to one piece of gear.  Don't get me wrong; I love a good pair of wool socks, merino wool base layers, a hat, and a simple shell do a lot of good...but these were my best purchases for this winter so far  (And it has been a mild one, in a lot colder weather, like below 20, I would need more than this.)

So yeah, sometimes the non photographic gear is just as important as your lenses, tripod, and camera because it allows you to stay out longer and be comfortable as you shoot.

Just sayin'

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