Friday, February 24, 2012

greek conference 2012

Greek Conference in Indianapolis was the other weekend, and other than photographing the conference, I also helped with the promotional material, setup the sound system, shot video for the summary video edited by Eric Holmer...

...and created a video story that was integrated into the overall  program (one of 2)

Lets just say that I was glad to sleep for the following 3 days (almost) strait.

Greek Conference is always an amazing event to observe, both from a cultural perspective (I was not in a fraternity) as well as a spiritual one.  Thanks for letting me have such a part.

Thankfully I was not the only photographer there, so i was free to capture video.  And in the process I have to suffer seeing images of what I look like when I work.

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Garrett Hubbard said...

Sweet highlight video. I'm loving that last orange high-key frame too! Nice work MK!