Wednesday, August 10, 2011

weekend adventure: three parks before lunch – part two

In part one, Sarah and I headed out to capture morning light. After breakfast we decided to hit up two more State Parks; Tower Hill and Governor Dodge. Two very different parks in size, length of hikes and the amount of people we ran into…but still great to walk around. By the time we got to Governor Dodge the light was pretty bad, after a couple shots I realized that photography was done. This was actually expected, so I put my camera away and did something every obsessed photographer has to re-learn: I enjoyed the hike without taking photos. This was short lived unfortunately. For some reason I decided to step into a Wasp nest and therefore invited one to take a huge chunk out of my leg. (OK, it wasn't really a huge chunk…and actually you can’t even see it but I have to exaggerate with something because; man, did that hurt!) So we headed back to the car, I cried for 20 minutes then we went to A&W for lunch.

It is amazing how much you can fit into a day adventure when you get up early enough.

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