Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend adventure: three parks before lunch – part one

Sarah and I got up at sunrise on Saturday with the intent of an adventure. One element of our adventure was that I wanted to head out to get great morning light for photography, which always sounds so much better the night before compared to the morning of. But I was pulled out the door anyways. We headed out to Pheasant Branch Conservancy, a State Park we have ventured to many times before…just never at sunrise. Knowing the park is actually a great advantage in fleeting light, we were able to think through how the low light was streaking into different parts of the park and head there instead of slowly exploring and consequently losing all the great opportunities. I soon focused on getting shots looking into the sun; there was a interesting haze over different marsh lands that added a great effect. Once the light got harsh we decided to go to breakfast.

 Part two is reserved for the other two parks we visited…stay tuned.

Oh, a note of interest: all but 2 of these images were taken with an out of date, consumer grade telephoto zoom.

Just sayin'.

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