Saturday, August 14, 2010

a rainbow and the law

Yesterday, there was a crazy downpour all afternoon. After work it cleared up to reveal an amazing rainbow!! It was so big, I had to take several shots of different parts of the sky and stitch them together in order to see it all. We were on our way to grab something from a local vendor and I couldn’t contain myself, so I had Sarah head in and look around while I stayed outside and continued to snap away. After about 10 min an employee came out to yell at me. He stated that it is illegal to photograph their building and that I needed to leave. I told him that I was not taking photos of the building, but he was quick to say that it sure looked like it. I told him my wife was inside shopping and I would leave when she came out.

Well this really put a damper on my mood. But the bigger issue here is why are so many people afraid of photographers? The fact that I can search online and get several Photography related posts about this same issue is a little scary. Oh, and are no laws to back up his claim.  

Anyway, I really hope I didn’t ruin your day…just look at the images and smile at what God created.


Nate said...

If it's a private building they can say that you can't shoot it right?
Curious what the store was.

M. S. Kirk said...

it is a little foggy, he can say anything he wants, and ask me to leave since the parking lot is technically private property. but the issue is still there, why are they afraid?

I was looking at this site mostly

RitaS said...

Beautiful shots and great job stitching that rainbow together. The girls and I drove under that rainbow, and as we headed to our destination it seemed we were going straight to the end - and of course they asked about the pot o' gold. (LOL)
This is the same evening I did not have the camera with me for the evening glow on the wet and weathered barn in the field...regrets.