Sunday, October 11, 2009

ducktoberfest and apple picking

So, it’s been a long week…but last weekend was full of images. Here are several from hanging out at Ducktoberfest with Steve and Linc and from apple picking with Christiana.

Ducktoberseft was a first year try at a small Oktoberfest style outing, mostly for kids; in the outfield of a minor league baseball team know as the Mallards…hence the duck part. Lots of bear for the adults (along with horseshoe toss and axe throwing) along with bounce houses and Velcro walls for the kiddies. Steve, Linc and I enjoyed the Doxin races and the playground on the walk home mostly.

Apple picking is turning into a tradition with Sarah and I, it was even the same exact weekend as last year but this time there were a lot more people out…possibly the rain turned people away last year?

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