Thursday, October 22, 2009

selling my backup Nikon D200

I am selling my backup camera, a Nikon D200 and MB-D200 vertical grip for $700.

I have had two-Nikon D200’s for a couple years now, but I no longer need two, so I am selling my backup. I have only used this camera occasionally at weddings as a secondary camera and have stayed intentional about only using my primary D200 whenever possible; therefore this is the nicer and “newer” of my two cameras…although you can only tell that by looking at the outside, image quality is just the same.

Thom Hogan has reviewed this camera as “the average persons D2x.” the D2x being the Nikon flagship camera at the time. states, “From a design, build, features and performance point of view this camera really creates its own niche, it would be a pity to label it as 'semi-pro' because in use you soon realize that it's a professional camera. Which brings us to the competition, from a build/features point of view it's clearly ahead of the Canon EOS 20D/30D and in my opinion a step above the EOS 5D, a baby D2X.”

And that is why I got it…but now I don’t need it…you want it? I wanted to post this offer here before I send it out to other sellers; like e-bay or a camera store.

Everything that came with the camera is still in its original packaging, never opened…except the camera and battery. Only a couple minor scratches are visible on the bottom corners, normal wear. The MB-D200 battery grip is also in its original box; this vertical grip adds a second battery option as well as a vertical shutter and other controls for easier portraits. Neither of my D200’s ever had any of the “banding” issues that some of the early samples contained.

Most of the images on my blog are from a D200, gives you an idea of its possibilities…limited by me of course.

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Garrett Hubbard said...

that baby looks like she's in mint condition. nice! For anyone that is considering buying from Matt I can vouch for how how well he takes care of his gear and his honesty :)