Saturday, January 24, 2009

frozen indian lake

I have kinda (well, more like really) been in a stupor (grumpy mood sounds too childish, but it was) today. I knew that I should get out and do something but the cold (really cold, like single digit cold…plus wind chill cold) was discouraging me. So I went anyway. I drove for a while, aimlessly until I ran across Indian Lake (I had been there before, but before the cold came) and got intrigued. So I parked and decided to walk across the lake. I was soon so enthralled by all the little, big and cold things that I forgot my stupor (and the cold)…(ok enough of the side-thoughts-in-parentheses already!) … Thanks God.

1 comment:

steve salt said...

the running strobed snowshoes is hilarious! And cool. You gotta post a few stills with these vids, though. and i believe you needed 3,983 more in this last one.