Thursday, January 15, 2009

atlanta 08

For the weeks following Christmas, a coworker and I drove a moving truck down to Atlanta Georgia (2 days each way) for InterVarsity’s Black Student Leadership Conference. We took all the audio/video/backdrop gear to setup and tech the conference with. A long story short: The teaching was challenging and I had a blast. The long drive down, long days (sometimes 22 hours worth) and time away from Sarah was all worth it. The students were great and they even loved getting their picture taken…so my job was made easier. I was the conference photographer; all the images were processed for a slideshow at the end of the conference (as well as placed on the Atlanta 08 Facebook page,) created a visual chronology of the week and will be used for BCM (InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries) publications through the next couple years.

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