Friday, June 20, 2008

Tahoe Trip: Part 5

I love taking photos, why? Well I could talk for a while, anything from memories to humor to beauty…but mostly for story telling. A great aspect of this trip was that I could always have a subject to photograph; and honestly, as much as I like taking pictures of pretty scenery, I like taking pictures of people having fun in beautiful scenery more. I challenged myself to do that a lot on this trip, take pictures of family, enjoying Tahoe.

This last photo...Sarah took!

Technical: Style and look dictates lens choice. I am most comfortable interacting with my subject and being in conversation next to them as I take pictures, therefore I need a wide lens. A wide lens in close gives the viewer a feel of being apart of the image, but sometimes I wanted to give the viewer a feel of observing from afar, so then I would walk away, use a long telephoto lens and capture things as they happen. More important that lens choice is always being ready and anticipating moments…it also really helps if the subjects allowing you to photograph them and accept you AND your camera into family moments.

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