Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strawberry Festival 2008

Sarah and I helped out at the Sun Prairie Strawberry Festival with our church this year. Basically it is a fundraiser for the Colonial Club of Sun Prairie, a non-profit center for seniors. We helped out at a similar event last year where we all discovered the art of face painting and how easy and rewarding it can be. We (Hope Crossing Community Church) sponsored some of the specific events, like a talent show, as well as manned different booths and created the face painting table. It was a lot of fun; my first shift was taking pictures…the next I spent a couple hours setting up bowling pins, just so kids could nock them down.

We were all supper exhausted afterwards…

Technical mumbo jumbo: took everything because I didn’t know what it would be like but new I would just park most of the stuff while I walked around with a little kit, ended up only using a wide angle zoom and a telephoto prime…still love this combo. Most of my good shots came because of patience this time, I would find a potential shot and wait for the right reaction, or look from the subject, I really liked this idea and will probably experiment more with it in this kind of situation. Also kept a really close working distance, which helped kids actually notice me so that they could then forget I was there. Funny concept but it today’s age where everyone takes pictures, I guess kids are used to it.

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