Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow... and finaly some pics of it

I finally talked myself into going out into the snow to photograph. I have found that snow is really hard to photograph. Everything looks great in my eye but then when I capture it on film it looks... I am not sure...different? It doesn't have the sarealness, or the grandeur that I see in it. Not sure why or how I see this, but I tried. These were taken at the local Arboretum in town, probably my most visited photo site. I had fun snow shoeing all around the park but I got frustrated photographing it. I guess I need to keep at it.

what do you think?

I took my wide angle zoom, telephoto zoom and macro lenses. I tried to shoot with 2 cameras to minimize changing lenses and keep it simple. I think I still prefer taking a lot less gear and sticking to that gear.