Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Burma Walk

I am part of a photo group at Black Hawk Church here in Madison, WI (even though I attend another church but they seam OK with that.) One of our photo treks (or assignments if you will) was to photograph a peaceful walk for the suffering monks in Burma. It was organized by a guy named Selwyn, and you can find more info on his website.

Usually the protests that I have witnessed walk up the main street of town to the capitol and are loud, stop traffic and make everyone shake their heads...this one was very somber and quiet, they didn't hold up all the cars and people looked in curiosity instead of amusement. It was quite an experience, plus it was about 15 degrees F!

I decided to shoot with just one lens (an ultra wide zoom) and try and create images with it. There were times I saw shots that would really benefit from another lens but I made myself just shoot with this one lens, and i feel that I found stronger images that way. Each lens in your arsenal has a specific look and feel to it and therefore is a specific tool for a certain job. A wide angle doesn't just get a room full in the frame, it created depth, amplifies the size of close things, shrinks the size of far things..and many other attributes. This assignment, I was working on getting close to my subject and capturing the intimate nature of the event. To show how close I was, look at the last photo of me, taken by a friend named Steve.

Do you think that I did what I have said here? Please comment.

This was a lot of fun, and the coffee that warmed my up after the shoot was very good.

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