Thursday, January 31, 2013

Urbana 12 - Join In Night

This Urbana, we tried something a bit different, something we have never tried before; a Join In night.  The idea is that the participants of Urbana 12 would be given an opportunity to join with a ministry in providing the assembly of 32,000 medical kits to be sent to countries in Africa to support the work of World Vision Care Givers as they love and care for their neighbors who can't care for themselves or lack the ability to find care.  The goal was not so much to feel like we did something great (although that feeling was there) but morose to actually partner with these Care Givers and learn from them.  Shortie, the Care Giver I followed in Swaziland even came to admonish our efforts and pray with us.  (See more about her story here.) Below is a short summary of the evening that a coworker put together:

The photos below were taken on this Join In night where I had a lot of work showing.  I was still able to shoot photos and still enjoy the event.  It was quite surreal to walk around and see all our planning actually happening.

See this post here for the story behind the above 25 Portraits I took in Swaziland:

See this post here for the behind the scenes look at the Swaziland trip.

The photo below was taken shortly before the photo above...and as you can see, I was a little ecstatic at what I was seeing.
Photo by Adam Jeske

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