Friday, January 11, 2013

Swaziland Part 1 - Caregiver

On the 3rd day of Urbana 12, the participants walked into the dome to find that we were doing something a little different; a "Join In." We were going to pack 32,000 medical kits that contained hard-to-find supplies that volunteers would then use to bring care and comfort to many people who lack basic care and/or are unable to find help.  We wanted to not just have the Urbana Participants build 32,000 medical kits, but also learn from those that use these kits what it is like to "love thy neighbor," and "care for the least of these."  We then introduced Urbana to Shortie, a World Vision Caregiver that uses these types of kits to show love to her neighbors.

This profile above was shown to the Urbana participants to illistrate to them who they were to Join In with, partnering in the ministry of caring for those that are not able to care for themselves.  Afterwards, Shortie herself came on stage to thank Urbana personally (see that here) and she was greeted with a standing ovation.

photo by: Sean Hsueh

The participants heard a great testimony from Toby Capps, a pharmaceutical rep who helps provide low cost supplies for the kits, see that here.  They then proceed to pack these kits in shifts...including Shorty herself.  I swelled with pride and thankfulness as I just walked the dome, soaking in all that was happening...and occasionally lifting my camera to capture a little of the feeling.

Toby, Shorty, Faith, and Steve Haas (World Vision VP)

My largest project this last year was directing this Swaziland video project.  I lead a team of 7 others for an 11 day tour of the country.  When all was shot, and edited, we captured 11 stories for the Join In night at Urbana 12.  While most of the videos that we produced are not stand alone, a couple can be...enjoy.

More to come in part 2 and part 3 on the process of capturing these videos and my role as Director and Photographer...


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