Monday, July 16, 2012

stef and aaron portraits

Stef and Aaron are a great example of how a pre-wedding portrait session really helps relax the couple before the wedding.  Photography wise at least.  

I do not like my own photo taken at all (is that why I am a photographer?) So I understand when people are uneasy about me pointing a camera at them.  Throughout the portrait shoot, it was amazing to see Stef and Aaron relax, trust that what I was getting was their 'good side' and also let me into their relationship.  This happened just naturally after a couple locations when I just let them sit and have a moment.  After I showed them how I captured that moment.  "Oh wow, that is pretty cool actually," they would say.

That became our formula for the day: show them where to sit/stand, let them have a moment, capture it.  As we advanced into a higher level of comfort and trust, I started to dictate more of the moments.

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