Wednesday, July 18, 2012

found image - the curse of knowledge

I was cleaning out my hard drives (starting to fill up!) and found this image.  I do not remember being particularly struck by it when I took it.  But with time, I now see it for what the image is, unattached from my experiences in capturing it.

This is the post from the original photo shoot.  It shows you what I was distracted by instead of seeing the photo.  Some people call this the "curse of knowledge"  Your own experiences flavor the photo in a way the view will not be effected.  In this case, a little time away from the experience allowed me to see just the photo and not the memories associated with it.


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Aunt Terry said...

Good to get remember all of God's beauty, we do not always see it. Looking at this the dark shapes, or at least the one on the right could be silouettes. I liked some of my photos better that are not autofocused. Love the instructions