Monday, January 30, 2012

flying over snow

Over the weekend, I was given another opportunity to fly with Heath (first opportunity here.) This time it was over a snowy landscape that completely changed how the ground looked; the recent snowfall had covered everything with a fresh white blanket.

Normally, the lines created by farmland, and differences in soil, break up the landscape but with everything the same color and texture it was easier to notice the subtle rise and fall in topography.  Therefore, I found myself just as interested in the abstract patterns in shadows as I was with looking for recognizable landmarks and trying to capture the essence of the world from above.

In all it was another glorious day for flying.
And, yes Heath, you were right…the queasiness is easier to handle the second time around.
Thanks again!

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Garrett Hubbard said...


Images 3 and 4 are breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!