Thursday, June 23, 2011

recent intervarsity photo projects

Things have been a bit crazy around here.
I am juggling 3 major video projects at this time, but every once in a while I get to play with a smaller photo project.  Here are two.

Gary, one of the graphic designers, is updating a handout for campus along the topic of injustice and oppression under the question, "How does evil invade your space?".  His concept was stolen borrowed (all ideas are modified ideas by the way, nothing is ever really new) from another campaign that wrote words on a photo of a face, his idea was to actually write those words onto his daughters face.

Camera Geekout:  I lit it in front of both white and a black background so that Gary would have options.  Key light on axis and a kicker on both sides for some glow.  With the white backdrop I also had a light on the background to make it over exposed and a reflector on the floor to bounce light into the face more.

Final product, a 5x7 flier with info and questions on the back.

My second fun project has to do with a secret Video that we are doing.  All I can show you is the movie poster that was created.  You will have to follow twentyonehundred productions on facebook for all the release info.

Camera Geekout: I tried something different with the lighting.  I put both a hard and a soft light to camera left.  The hard light is providing most of the light and the 'dramatic' feel but the soft light is just adding in a little light for the eyes.

Final Product...........

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