Monday, June 6, 2011

port of pirates

Recently, Sarah and I got away for a quiet weekend and headed out to the quaint town of Port Washington. Unknown to us, this happened to be the weekend that Port Washington has its annual Pirate Days. Probably just an excuse for adults to act like kids because there were WAY more adults fully dressed up and ‘playing’ the part of Pirates. Some of these getups were pretty fancy with real swards, guns that fired, and teeth that looked like they have not been brushed in a lifetime. Think Renaissance Fair meets Civil War reenactment with a salty little twist (and a few less manners.) Interesting thing is that there seemed to be a larger percentage of bikers at this event…like they are the modern day pirates or something. One Powder Monkey I talked to (last photo) even claimed he was an extra in the last battle of the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie….

It took a little building of my own courage, but I was glad I become bold enough to go up and talk to them...there is no other way of getting the photos that I really want except by interacting with them a little and breaking that brier and let them 'play' to the camera.  Don't make the mistake I made though, I thanked the guy in the first photo for staying in character; he scoffed and said, "This is how I am normally, to get into character is to act like you lousy wallops."

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