Sunday, December 19, 2010

first snow - sorta

The snow fell for the first time a couple weekends ago, but I was unable to get out and photograph it (other than for 2 minutes) because I was shooting a wedding. Today was the first time I was able. Snow is hard to photograph because the white on dark is beyond the dynamic range of a digital image, but really it is the cold that gets me. Layering sure makes it hard to walk around let alone carry your camera gear. Usually by the end of the season I am only taking the least possible gear out with me, but I had not learned that lesson yet this year. I took what I would have taken for spring shooting, or a summer photo hike, or for fall leaves. Needless to say after almost dropping a lens, fiddling to much with my camera bag, and getting frustrated, I resorted to just my 50mm lens; the smallest and lightest lens I had with me. That is when I started having fun again. Why am I so naïve to think that more is better?

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Anonymous said...

Great shots, as usual, Matt!!! Keep shootin'. Dad K