Tuesday, December 14, 2010

chicago in the wet

I drove Sarah down to Chicago this last weekend for a work conference, for those that know about our recent crazy storm that is blasting the Midwest right now, it was probably not smart. But how could I pass up a day in Chicago walking around an outdoor international market and hanging out with Sarah? It was not as bad as back home in Madison but it was still cold, wet and snowy…just enough to make it an adventure.

Driving home was a bit tense. At one point I was stopped for over 30 minutes in one spot watching the snow drifts grow between other cars and me. Later when we all started moving again, we saw several cars being dragged out of the ditches, some with missing front ends. But it was beautiful; I wanted to stop every 10 minutes as I saw beautiful scenes opening up as I drove through freshly fallen snow country. (Don’t tell Sarah but these were taken out the car window as I drove.) The last shot was out my window at home, it  was all I ventured to take as the wind chill dropped temperatures into the -10F range.

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