Sunday, March 14, 2010

morning fog

It’s starting to warm up here in Madison, which means the snow is melting and sending moisture into the air. The melting snow is great but the fog that it causes is like icing on a cake! I love fog photos, and I was really excited one night to drive home is super dense fog because it meant a possibility for fog photos in the morning. I was a bit disappointed though, it was not at all as thick as I wanted it to be…and this was a real distraction to finding photos to create. I was thinking so much about how it was not working and getting myself all worked up over it. It was almost debilitating. It sucked. But I knew that I just needed to keep going, keep doing, and keep snapping because maybe one would be right.

Now that it is a couple days later I think I like them a little more than that day. The next morning I also went out because the weather report had a fog advisory until noon…it was sunny the entire time. (I wanted to throw in the towel and sell all my gear)

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Garrett Hubbard said...

mk. really nice landscape photos. I'm totally digging both of the medium shots of the line of trees in the fog. I love coming to your blog for awesome nature photos!