Sunday, March 7, 2010

creating light

Over the last couple weeks I have made two trips to the Pheasant Branch Conservatory, both days trying to make good images about of “blah” days. Steve and I went one day to work on outdoor portraits and I went another day just to get out of the house. I will be honest with you; I am struggling with this “lack of light” winter. I have been trying to make something good from it but haven’t been able to in my mind. These two trips I took my flash, trying to create my own light. I still don’t think that adding my own light to landscape shots is working…but that also might just be because the white light of the strobe interacts to much with the white of the snow.  Only the last 2 images do not use the strobe. I feel like the second to last image works, but I really had to tweak my thinking (away from grand landscape but not fully a detail shot) to get it. The last image just had great light so I had to take it. 










Anonymous said...

From Sunny Queensland Australia I love these shots .. I cant wait to look at more of your work.. As a hobby photographer Im thrilled to see how an artist can create phots.. Thanks for your work Pauline Powell

Steve Salt said...

nice job on the fence. looks like a spot of sun slipped through.