Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tahoe Trip: Part 2

Since traveling to Tahoe messed with my internal clock, I was naturally waking up 2 hours early; this was great the first two days because it made it easy to see the sunrise. So I did. I really missed a sunrise (or sunset even) over water…it was amazing to be still during a sunrise, and know that there is a God out there that loves you.

Technical: Top 4 sunrise images were on the South side of the Lake by our condo and therefore I was seeing the results of the great light on mountains on the other side of the lake and the water in front of me. For the bottom 4 images, I traveled to the West side of the Lake (Emerald Cove to be exact) and got the light as it came over the hills in front of me and did fancy, beautiful, magic things. Used a mix of Telephoto and wide zooms.

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