Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Norway…with a Norwegian

Since this last weekend was one of the last weekends that Finn (intern with 2100 and our housemate) will be here we wanted to take him to Little Norway. Just picture going to a Colonial Style ranch, like this one that my mom works at, but it is with all the Norwegian heritage and tradition…yah, that’s what it was. It was fun to give Finn a hard time about the silly little things that his people used to do, until our tour guide said that because of the time period a lot of Americans would also do these silly things too. It was fun, we also went hiking after. See Becky’s pic’s here, Mike’s pic’s here and more of mine here.

Technical: Just took my wide zoom, very freeing knowing that i only had one lens...try it sometime. I kinda wished I had a fixed wide angle though, it would have been lighter.

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