Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back Light

This last weekend while walking around Chicago during great light I saw what I wanted to capture but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. We were walking around through the buildings and up and down street going in and out of beautiful low sunset light. I wanted to capture the difference between this light and other light because it looked great in my eye. I tried my typical (and now boring to me) getting in front of the crowd and shooting back at them approach or from the side; always with the light behind me, lighting them evenly… I was not satisfied (see photo at right). I captured the top and bottom image after walking into the sun and seeing the beauty of the backlight. I love the long shadows, the harsh back light and the in your face sunshine. In all I think I will be looking for light like this in the future to create great, moody pictures.

Technical: I didn’t want the sun to blow out the exposure so I manually spot-metered the black sunlit street at -1 and shot from there. The same results could have been obtained by shooting in program mode and matrix metering by first pointing your camera at the ground to lock that exposure and then reframe to include the scene. I could have used a little off (or on) camera flash to lighten up the shadows on the face but i was really liking the harshness of it. All were shot with an extra wide angle zoom.

More photos can be found at mkirk.fotki.com/chicago

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