Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Going wide...really wide

This last weekend I was able to borrow a really wide-angle lens, and boy is it crazy, reminds me of my film days; basically it is ‘almost all that you can see with your eyes’ wide.

I took it down town and had a lot of fun, above are some friends at a coffe shop, and my empty Caramel Role Latte mug, mmmmmm... As sunset was approaching I relized that it would be good to be a couple miles away, so I ran about mile (glad I only had one camera and a light lens!) and boy was I surprised at the sunset.

More so, there was a group down at the park that caught my eye! I have seen them before but this time I actually got some pics, interacted and chatted with one of them. Basically they are a medieval times type of gang, they have really crazy battles, real armor, shields, bows and arrows, and group tactics. They just look a little funny because the tips of the arrows, and the ‘blade’ of the swards are covered in high-density foam! After talking to one of the guys I found that they are designed per individual specifications and have fiberglass handles and blade cores. There was even a guy there with a replica of an Elvin Blade from Lord of the Rings!!!

Technical jumbo:
All of these shots were with a extra borrowed wide angle zoom(+ digital crop factor.) I love carrying only one camera and lens, I usually get better pictures with less gear, here there was a point I thought I wanted a telephoto or something tighter, but after working the subject into the gear that I had with me I realized that I could get a better picture with what I had. Kinda wish I could have had an off camera strobe to the side or something, but that would have meant a light stand and a flash…oh well.

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