Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Almost 4th of July

There is a fireworks show that happens in Madison every Saturday before the 4th of July, it is known all around as the biggest show in the Midwest… well my wife and I had to check this thing out.

And of course, there was another fun sunset!

We went downtown to a park to watch it across the lake with a couple work friends. It was pretty big, to put into perspective, these shots are across the lake, through 3.5 miles of atmosphere.

click to see the new star nebula and the happy face?

Technical jumbo:
All of these shots were with a telephoto zoom (+ digital crop factor) on a tripod. I was hoping to get better shots, more than just the same shots all the time, but I guess it is ok, I was not there to photograph the event but to enjoy it. I was really hoping to get a wide shot but the setting didn’t allow for that. I guess this goes to show that a photographer must be ready and adapt to whatever the situation presents, oh and take gear that will let you adapt (I hate carrying all my stuff everywhere, but I was glad I brought it this time.)

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