Sunday, July 12, 2015

great light, darn mosquitoes, and film

Over the weekend I was able to connect with an old fried as we walked the Arboretum and talked photography. But I was torn, I wanted to keep shooting (I don't get out much these days) but I also wanted to run back to the car, I was getting eaten alive. There has to be a reason that God created mosquitoes...other than to test my patience. I understand the existence of ants, spiders, and snakes...but not of mosquitoes. I must be more susceptible to them because John wasn't as bothered. 

These last 2 images have me excited. Not because of these images but because of the FILM images that I took along side them. I am borrowing a friends medium format film camera and I just fired off 2 frames. It totally changes your perspective and I think about my shots more with film. Not just because I only have 15 frames in a roll or I can't see the image to know I got it, but because it actually costs money every time the shutter fires. Though, is a different way, it is a lot more satisfying. Looking forward to the results.


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