Tuesday, September 3, 2013

camping with a little one

I know, the point of this blog is not to tell the world how cute my daughter is...but I get one post every once in a while.

She loved her first camping trip, and more importantly it was a great time to rest, relax, recuperate, focus, see nature, and all that stuff.  This was because we DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

It was very restorative and it came at a very needed time in the summer.


In the spirit of doing nothing, I even limited my photography. Obviously, I shot some photos, but only what I saw; I didn't go looking for images or on photo walks. I even limited my gear to 1 prime most of the time.

Yes, I know, there is a lot of my daughter in all these...but that was the point of the vacation, to rest and spend time with my family outside.  (And she protests less than my wife when it comes to being in front of the camera.) 

I want to remember moments like this with her.


Anonymous said...

These are some of the most important photos you can take. Happy times with your family!!!! Photos help the memories. Love them Aunt Terry

Amy Hauptman said...

I love these!!!