Monday, September 24, 2012

swaziland gear

InterVarsity's twentyonehundred productions sent me to Swaziland for a 10 day shoot.  I was to direct a film crew to produce several videos, as well as create 25 family portraits.  The specifics and reason for the project is still top secret, so I can't tell you until after Urbana 12.  Below is the camera gear that I took.

As I was unpacking I realized how little actual photo gear I had taken, and how much support and living gear I needed.  Things like chargers, power adapters, Malaria meds, main and backup hard drives, a notebook, and audio capture equipment...and more that is still packed.

There are so many "what in my bag" posts on the internet that seem to celebrate how much a photographer likes to carry, when in reality there is so much more to 'photography gear' than lenses and camera bodies.

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