Monday, July 11, 2011

detroit video shoot

 A couple weeks ago, I was in Detroit for a joint video shoot with InterVarsity and World Vision act:s.  Our assignment was to shoot York Moore talking about the biblical basis for seeking Justice.  World Vision act:s will be creating a curriculum for students on college campuses for one of their most important campaigns yet.  More to come as things develop.

My job was to make the video work visual.  I had ideas of different compositions but the main location that I scouted 3 weeks earlier nudged me to seek a very symmetrically centered composition for York; the banks of the Detroit river, looking across to Windsor, Canada...the view slaves had as they swam to freedom (one of the visual themes of the video.)  Below are photos of the 5 locations (starting with the riverfront) as well as screen shots of the actual Video.

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