Saturday, September 18, 2010

pheasant branch with a tripod

I trekked out to Pheasant Branch this morning with some guys from the Black Hawk Photo Group, we were looking for Fall colors but knew we wouldn't find any.  It was more like just an excuse to get out.  The rain that came through over night created some really great colors and the overcast sky created great light.  If it had just been me I would have looked outside and thought that it was not worth it, but with others waiting for me I felt the pressure. Glad for that now.  I also tried to shoot a lot with my tripod, really slowed me down but it was good to get into the habit, it also allowed me to create images with some really deep depth of field.


RitaS said...

Glad you felt obligated to go. Photo 3 is the kind of shot I envisioned this morning after that rainfall. Did you get caught in it? Seeing as it rained pretty hard again at 8:30- wondered if the Photo BAG was still out there at Pheasant Branch. Great vivid shots Matt!

M. S. Kirk said...

We did get caught in it, just as we were leaving. The funny thing about that third shot is that it was actually in my parking lot before we even left, as i was waiting for Steve L. to pick me up.