Thursday, March 5, 2009

universal language

They say that math is the universal language, but on Sunday before church in Bangkok, Steve, Mike and I had a really fun conversation with some kids that didn’t speak English (besides hello, what is your name, and goodbye) through the medium of photography and video.

It is amazing how nowadays, little kids know to ask to see the back of your camera in order to see the image; they have no concept of film…they even get mad at you if you can’t show them, like “what was the point?” It is crazy that even in Thailand, kids had the same response. I was taking photos of this house church and the little girl running around would always scamper up to me when she heard the shutter, in order to see the image. I have always liked showing kids images and then asking if they know the people in the image. This little girl didn’t know English but when I asked her, “who is that?” she knew to say, “ma, pa, and Michelle.”

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