Tuesday, December 9, 2008

in los angeles

This last weekend I left the single digit weather of Wisconsin to shoot a story in the 60-degree weather of Los Angeles. Shock to the system but it was great! Now I am back in Wisconsin anticipating up to 12 inches of snow…

The Story:

Through the years God used InterVarsity bible studies, mentorship, and manuscript studies to tug at Scott’s heart and break it for the injustices of the world. Along the way, Scott went to Urbana, an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Missions Conference, where he got connected with Servant Partners. Scott is now working with Servant Partners and living in among his neighbors in South LA. For Urbana 09, we (2100 productions) are traveling to at least 3 other places where people are doing the work of God, we want to tell Gods story of how he is using ordinary people for great things.

The Photography:

One of the ways we want to tell the above story is to create portraits to run as full page adds in several Christian magazines. We wanted to capture the people that God is using in the environments that he has placed them. So we walked around Scott’s neighborhood early in the morning (good light) and conducted simple portraits. I tried to keep it simple and easy to read, hopefully these images will be striking enough to cause people to stop and read the accompanying story.

This was a fun shoot; with all the elements we had a blast. But it was also fun because I have met Scott before; he was student at a neighboring college when I was on Volunteer Staff; I saw him at conferences, he was in am Amos study with Sarah and his staff workers were good friends of mine. So it was also a great time to catch up.


Garrett Hubbard said...

MK. nice work. Looks like your vision is growing and you are honing in on your own personal vision. Your composition on that in and out photo caught my eye! All you need to make that complete is people and a moment and you're batting 1000. love that photo of him smiling on the stoop.

West Coast Girl said...

These photos are beautiful. I especially love the portraits of him in front of graffiti with the vivid colors. (And the one in front of the building, on the corner.) These are going to make great Urbana 09 ads!

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog on our trip. love that smiling pic of scott too. what happened to that repeat visit to in&out anyway?