Saturday, November 17, 2007

Arboratum Burn

One of my most visited places for photographs here in Wisconsin is the UW Arboratum. Take a look at their website for more info but basically it is a wildlife refuge/preserve that has many regions to represent all the native vegetation areas of all Wisconsin. Every so often the UW Arboretum burns its grasslands. I have heard of them doing this but have never seen it. lo and behold, I was out to take photos one day and I noticed that there was smoke coming from the arboretum, I got really excited and changed my plans to go and take a look. Like with most photography, the closer I got, the better my images got; I talked with one of the crew members, followed him around but was soon told to get back to the main road. It was a blast, esp since I think I got some images that capture the feel of the event.

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